How to cook gas welding

How to cook gas welding

Now quite often there are questions how to cook gas welding what technicians and techniques of welding are optimum depending on type of weld materials. Exact recommendations will help those who face gas welding for the first time, will allow to avoid widespread mistakes.


1. Modern recommendations how to cook gas welding, begin with equipment selection, acquaintance to safety measures when using gas cylinder. Having studied instructions, at first be defined that you are going to cook gas welding – steel pipes, the proceeding tank or other surfaces as welding technicians significantly differ in each of these cases. First, at first prepare gas cylinder for the oxyacetylene gas welding suitable for welding of various surfaces even in hard-to-reach spots.

2. Buy torch with four tips, at first the smallest is used to fulfill on it all necessary movements and skills. Secondly, correctly support pressure in all hoses of the device, at the same time expose it separately both for oxygen, and for acetylene. At the same time pressure of oxygen should not exceed 0.3 MPas, and for acetylene this indicator has to be not lower than mark of 1 kPa. The oxygen hose belonging to the III class as he will be able to deliver oxygen to gas cylinder with the optimum pressure which is provided by technology of gas welding for small connections also will be suitable for gas-welding works.

3. Wishing to receive beautiful seam on product, it is possible to use G3, but such unit for gas welding demands certain skills and the safety measures should pay not smaller attention. Starting gas-welding works, surely put on yourself very dense trousers and jacket, on the head – cap as you risk to burn hair. Take care and about the eyes, use not household sunglasses better, but the special welding mask covering the face almost completely.

4. Completely the technology of gas welding will become available to the beginning welders after training on special courses. Only in this case you learn to choose torch for gas welding, selecting it depending on type of welding surface. Remember that it is necessary to keep the device under optimum angle, and process of gas welding of metal pipes, units and knots of the car, patchings of holes in tanks significantly differs.

5. In each case pressure in hoses for oxygen and acetylene has to be various, the torch should be kept under different corners to make beautiful equal seam. Subsequently, after performance of gas-welding works, smooth out scale correctly, giving to product the most attractive look.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team