How to cook the bottom

How to cook the bottom

Have decided to improve a little giving, having filled in blind area, but it has turned out that the metal trough used for concrete batch was worn out? Never mind! The situation is reparable! The bottom of trough can be dollied up and this capacity will serve "faithfully" again.

It is required to you

  • - metal trough;
  • - welding machine;
  • - electrode;
  • - safety mask;
  • - aluminum sawdust;
  • - water glass cement;
  • - steel carbonaceous wire;
  • - powdery scale of iron;
  • - potassium chloride.


1. Establish metal trough on plain surface. It is impossible at all that this surface was wooden, one sparkle which has fallen to basis from tree can lead to the fire. Besides remove all flammable objects meter radius.

2. The electroholder fill with electrode. Then adjust current intensity on the welding machine, having established it on optimum indicator. If on the welding machine too big current intensity is established, then the electrode will burn hole in metal trough. In case the established indicator of current intensity is too small, the electrode will constantly "stick" to welding surface.

3. Execute ignition of arch. For this purpose carry out by electrode on plain surface and after emergence of flash start welding of the bottom of metal trough. Concern electrode to metal surface of trough and at once raise electrode (the gap has to be no more than five millimeters). Continue to weld the trough bottom, supporting the corresponding size of gap.

4. If on giving the welding machine it has not appeared, it is possible to weld steel trough by means of thermite pencil. For a start make the hands thermite pencil. Knead thermite layer: Mix 23% of aluminum sawdust of the lump of mix from 77% of scale of iron and for viscosity add a little water glass cement to the turned-out substance. Apply thermite layer on steel carbonaceous wire. After that make ignition mixture: mix 65% of the mass of potassium chloride from 35% of aluminum sawdust and part the received component silicate with glue. Apply ignition mixture on thermite wire in the form of head, as at match. Let's thermite pencil dry up. Then, having fixed thermite pencil in the construction hair dryer, start welding of the bottom of trough.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team