How to cook the invertor device

How to cook the invertor device

Invertor welding machines become more and more widespread owing to numerous advantages, they can be found practically in any shop trading in welding equipment. The one who has for the first time faced the similar equipment should know the basic rules of its use.


1. The main difference of the invertor welding machine from normal consists available the electronic block thanks to which it is possible to lose unit weight considerably. Electronics allows the invertor device to work approximately twice more effectively normal. Besides, the invertor device can work at the lowered supply voltage that is especially relevant in rural zone. It gives qualitative seam and steady arch that is especially important for the beginner.

2. When carrying out welding follow safety rules. Surely apply welding shield or mask of the welder as the rigid ultra-violet radiation arising during the work can easily injure eyes. Use dense clothes not to get burns from droplets of the melted metal. Surely put on gloves, it is the best of all tarpaulin.

3. As a rule, household welding machines are rather weak (in comparison with professional) therefore use electrodes with a diameter up to 2.5 mm for welding. It will be difficult to work with thicker electrodes (badly inflame) or in general it is impossible. You watch that electrodes were not dampened, and on them the plastering has not been chopped off.

4. Before work "kindle" electrode – carry out by it several centimeters on plain metal surface, this process will be followed by flashes and splashes of metal. After that it is possible to start directly welding.

5. To cook the invertor welding machine it is easier, than normal. Do not forget about what the majority of metals weld direct current of direct polarity – that is "plus" is connected to the welded part. Establish by turn of the Welding current handle necessary current of welding, it depends on type of the performed work and diameter of electrodes and makes from about 20 to 100 And.

6. The weld metal and the used electrode is thicker, the current is higher. For example, at thickness of weld metal of 1-3 mm and thickness of electrodes of 1-1.5 mm the current has to be from 20 to 60 And. At increase in thickness of metal up to 5 mm and diameter of electrode up to 3 mm the current increases approximately up to 100 A.

7. If you need to weld two pipes which are horizontally, then begin to conduct seam with the lowermost point (ceiling seam). That is welding in such situations goes from below up, but not on the contrary. Gradually rise up and stop, having been at the top end of the resources. In the same way boil thoroughly also the second half of seam.

8. During operating time pay attention to quality of seam, to metal pro-melting. If metal is burned, it speaks about too big welding current, reduce it. Too small current, on the contrary, does not provide the necessary pro-melting of joint. Invertor welding machines are convenient that they allow to change very smoothly current, than optimum parameters of welding are reached.

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