How to cook vertical joint

How to cook vertical joint

By production of repair work in the house or at the dacha and also during the body works with the car quite often it is necessary to apply welding. Even if you have initial skills of welding, there can be difficulties when you cook vertical joints. This operation demands special receptions and accuracy.

It is required to you

  • - welding machine;
  • - electrodes;
  • - safety mask;
  • - mittens.


1. Understand for yourself features of welding when performing vertical joints. At such operations the melted metal will seek to flow down down. Therefore similar seams should be carried out with use of shorter arch. At the same time drops under the influence of forces of surface tension pass into seam zone easier.

2. Carrying out vertical joint, you hold the end of electrode taken away up and aside from drop that it could harden quickly. Similar seams are recommended to be done from below up that will allow base layers of seam to hold metal drops more reliably. The inclination of electrode should be regulated, directing it if necessary down or up. At the lower inclination it is more convenient to watch how metal drops in the field of seam are distributed.

3. If your choice is limited and it is required to conduct welding of vertical joint from top to down, set electrode to position at which the drop will refrain from running off by short arch.

4. Choose for welding of vertical joints electrodes as diameter which is not exceeding 4 mm. The working current has to be lowered. It gives the chance to reduce the volume of liquid electrode metal that considerably facilitates work.

5. Upon transitions from vertical joint to horizontal do bevel only near the top leaf. At the same time the arch should be excited on the lower edge then to transfer it to plate edge, located from above. The flowing-down drops of metal should be lifted up.

6. Carrying out seams on ceilings or vertical surfaces adjoining to them, use the shortest arch. Choose for such operations electrode with high-melting covering. The cover which is formed at the same time on the end of electrode reliably will hold metal drops.

7. Conducting welding of vertical joint, electrode tip periodically bring closer to welding point, delete from it. For increase in efficiency of welding also protective gases which give the chance to transfer metal to pool crater streams are often used.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team