How to cool the apartment during heat

How to cool the apartment during heat

In the summer indoor temperature can reach more than thirty degrees. If in the apartment the conditioner is installed, then the heat is not terrible at all. But, unfortunately, all have such equipment not. There are several councils helping even to make in the hottest weather in the apartment saving cool.

It is required to you

  • - foil
  • - spray
  • - container with water
  • - light clothes


1. Many try to open all windows and doors in hot weather. Airing during heat will not bring cool, and will only increase room temperature. If you want to air correctly, then it is worth doing it or early in the morning till eight o'clock or late evening after ten hours. In the afternoon and in the evening densely close windows that hot air has not got to the apartment.

2. It is necessary to humidify the atmosphere in the apartment to get rid of dry and hot air. It is possible to make it by means of the normal spray. It is necessary to spray cold water in the apartment each hour.

3. It is possible to use reflective foil for cooling of the room. It is necessary to get roll of foil in household shop and to paste over with it windows from within. Sunlight and heat will be reflected, and the room will not heat up.

4. Use ice for cooling of the room. Cool the container with water in the deep freeze. In hot day get the container with ice and leave on kitchen table. Ice will thaw, thereby forcibly cooling the room.

5. Try to cook less dishes demanding use of oven. Use more vegetable salads in diet. If you want to prepare hot dishes, then do it since morning or in the evening when indoor temperature is lowered.

6. Put on houses only light clothes. In the apartment will become hot if you sweat because of clothes. Home clothing can be cooled by means of the spray too.

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