How to cope with invasion of locust

How to cope with invasion of locust

Invasions of locust happen because of features of development of these insects: constantly seeing similar, they grow quicker and become more active and uneasy, and then begin to travel the whole packs to avoid overpopulation and at the same time to open other places which are suitable for life. Wandering, the pack very quickly destroys vegetation. Partly some types of fight against insects help to avoid this disaster.

During invasion of locust one insect eats about 300 g of greens, and in general in pack there can be several billion individuals. That the locust did not destroy harvest, different methods of fight against these insects are used. Use of toxic chemicals was one of the most effective methods some time ago. Strong insecticides allowed to destroy quickly huge packs of locust and even to interfere with their emergence, striking larvae and single individuals.

However two serious shortcomings were found in toxic chemicals. First, they acted on some insects too poorly, and the posterity of the poisoned individuals had immunity to some poisons at all. Secondly, toxic chemicals destroyed not only locust, but sometimes and harvest. Later the strongest DDT pesticide has been forbidden, and it has even stronger complicated fight against invasions of locust. Nevertheless, it is possible to use some strong chemical means to destroy insects.

Other option – preventive plowing of the earth which needs to be seen off in the fall. If carefully and rather deeply to plow the earth, part of the eggs laid by insects it will appear on surface, and it will be destroyed by the first strong frosts, and other part will move too deeply under the earth, and larvae which in the spring have hatched just will not be able to be chosen and will die. One more original way of fight against locust practices in China. Peasants build lodges and tame pink starlings and also breed hens. Each starling eats about 140 insects a day, and hungry chicken can peck 10-15 individuals of all in minute. Unfortunately, it happens insufficiently for fight against large packs of locust, but partly nevertheless helps to solve problem if to keep many fowls. And, at last, there is one more national way – regular processing of surface of plants onions infusion, burning pepper or mustard. In Nigeria the biological means on the basis of fungus which has received the name "green muscle" has been also created. If carefully to pollinate this means of plant, the pack of locust will die, only having begun to destroy harvest, and it will help to stop invasion of insects.

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