How to cope with the grapes illnesses

How to cope with the grapes illnesses

The gardeners who are engaged in cultivation of grapes pay much attention to actions for protection of rod against various diseases. Ignoring of protective works can lead to yield loss and even to death of plants.

It is required to you

  • - garden stock;
  • - sprayer;
  • - Bordeaux liquid;
  • - medicine "Dnok";
  • - medicine "Kvadris";
  • - medicine "Nitrafen";
  • - medicine "Horus".


1. Planning laying of new vineyard, upon purchase of grades take an interest about their resistance to diseases to which plants in the specific area are subject. When landing place grapes rods at sufficient distance.

2. In the spring, at approach of steady positive temperatures, make spraying of young plantations the medicine "Dnok" or "Nitrafen". At the beginning of May when at escapes about 5 sheets grow, process grapes of 1% the Bordeaux liquid or horusy to protect plant from antrakoz and black spottiness. In northern areas this processing can be not carried out, only if in the previous period the bushes were not surprised diseases.

3. Especially dangerous and pernicious diseases for plants become during setting of berries and formation of flowers. Therefore until the rod has entered blossoming season, spray it with system medicines. For uniform solar illumination and airing of bushes remove excess young escapes.

4. You watch the soil under bushes: it always has to be loosened and not have weeds. After berries grow to the pea size, again spray bushes with system medicines. At steady dry weather process plant Flint solution. If weather constantly damp, spray Kvadrisom grapes.

5. The sprayer has to have smaller dispersion that will prevent running off of medicines from leaves. Process all leaves on both sides. It is better to hold this event in the morning after dew dries. It will exclude developing of solar burns.

6. 15-20 days later spray rod with the same set of means of protection again. You carry out the last processing of early grades of grapes at the beginning of August. Cut out excess stepsons and escapes that bushes were not thickened.

7. In September in case of emergence on clusters of the centers of odium, process bushes colloid sulfur or manganese solution. Burn all remote leaves and escapes. It will reduce risk of disease of grapes. Dig over the earth in row-spacings.

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