How to correct nose

How to correct nose

to interview all women, than in the shape they are not happy most of all, for certain the maximum quantity of claims will be shown to nose. Too wide or too long, with small hump, potato … It is difficult to meet the person with ideal shape of nose, but it is easy to correct own by means of make-up.


  1. Visually liquid foundation or powder will help to change your external data to you. Means will be required more darkly or are lighter than your habitual shade. Carrying out make-up on correction of nose, carefully shade all transitions from tone to tone: accurate lines will look very inaccurately. Prepare skin for make-up as you do it always: apply soft day cream or special base under make-up, put the main tone on all face and … start correction.
  2. Visually to make the long nose is shorter, you need to make it wider. Apply on nose lighter tone, and under tip – more dark. If you have no light tone, just apply dark foundation or powder on nose tip. It is possible to correct kurnosost in the similar way. Only make wings of nose even more darkly, and tip of nose highlight with peach color.
  3. The thin nose also needs correction. Usually it looks too sharp. To make its lines smoother, apply lighter tone on the line from nose bridge to tip, and on each side nose impose dark tone.
  4. It is possible to fix aquiline nose, having added dark color under nose tip. Also place emphasis in the eyes, soften their look. It will allow to avoid predatory shape.
  5. Apply nose more dark tone on each side, and on tip and partition between nostrils – light visually to extend short nose.
  6. The dark tone caused on each side nose will help to make wide nose already. To enhance effect, cause light tone with strip from nose bridge to tip. Visually it is possible to correct also small hump. For this purpose apply on nose bridge light tone or powder with effect of blinking.
  7. Pay attention and to nasolabial folds. They are capable to spoil the best make-up. To hide this defect, clarify the site under nasolabial fold and aside – to nose wings. You put the light proofreader with the driving-in movements, after do not shade.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team