How to correct threshold

How to correct threshold

During hit in snowdrift or hole many motorists face damage of thresholds which should be leveled subsequently. Recommendations how to correct threshold, will help to avoid in this case mistakes and to execute necessary repair independently.

1. The technique of its repair is directly connected with type of installation of the threshold on car of the specific brand. If thresholds of your car removable, their correction it is possible to carry out quickly enough. If the threshold has sustained insignificant damage, just remove this part, turning off all attachment screws, and then start directly repair works. Carry out alignment of the removed threshold on workbench, using normal automobile tools which are quite often used when straightening and welding.

2. After alignment and correction of removable threshold, cover its inside face with special anticorrosive mastic. When damages of threshold essential, and on its surface have appeared big holes, it is better not to level it, and at once to change for new. Recommendations how to repair the threshold welded on body provide several techniques of repair which choice depends on damage type. At insignificant damages when on threshold there were no folds, correct it extract outside. Weld the special nails intended for bearing on threshold, and then make consecutive extract by means of spotter or the inertial remover.

3. If the threshold of your car has sustained damage of the average level, start to repair of the damaged site. Before it surely remove car doors, and then – sitting, and after them – and flooring. To perform repair works, sideways threshold cut out small rectangular opening through which it is possible to enter the necessary tool – nakovalenka or another the device. Further carry out extract of the most damaged site by means of hydraulic devices.

4. When the damaged threshold is got into condition, make piece of metal sheet earlier cut window. As in this case the reverse side of welding will remain inaccessible for you, the general bearing of seams cannot be carried out therefore smooth down external seam soldering tin. After performance of correction of threshold surely process automobile putty its external part, and then correctly pick up paint in tone of body of your car and paint over the damaged site by means of barrel with spray.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team