How to couch dahlias

How to couch dahlias

Who does not remember himself, is proud bearing huge bouquet, in the very first school day. At the same time everyone had bouquet the, but in all of them it was most often possible to find dahlias. Therefore, probably, this royal flower at most of us is associated with holiday. That dahlias have blossomed just to approach of fall, to couch them it is necessary to begin in the winter.


1. Glance in January in your storage in which dahlias sleep peacefully, and examine them. Throw out those which have deteriorated, it is not necessary to wait from them for anything any more. The quicker you remove the patients struck with mold tubers the less there will be probability of infection of the next plants. Leave the others farther to sleep peacefully till March.

2. In March get the remained tubers, lay them in boxes with the substrate consisting of peat mix with sawdust put in well lit room with temperature up to 18 °C that dahlias have well got warm.

3. In 1-2 weeks fill up the earth in boxes, but you look at the same time that radical necks remained on surface. Well water the soil, continue to support it in damp state until kidneys start in growth.

4. Do not create to dahlias too hothouse conditions, let temperature around them do not rise above 12-15 °C, it will not allow them to go quickly to growth therefore by the time of change in soil you will have small, but strong bushes which will well transfer resettlement to the open soil.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team