How to couch flax

How to couch flax

Linen fabrics by right are considered as one of the best, but not all grades of flax are suitable for their development. Thin threads turn out only from the high-quality plants blossoming in white color. This process is quite labor-consuming, but for the sake of interest it is possible to try to grow up flax and independently.


1. It is difficult to call linseeds big, in length of one the sunflower seed hardly reaches 5 mm. Time disembarkation it in soil, proceeding from what for full ripening to plant will demand from 12 to 14 weeks.

2. It is impossible to find the field on which 2 years in a row flax would be grown up. Experienced agronomists advise after collecting flax to allow the earth to have a rest 5-7 years to avoid exhaustion of the soil and to save future harvests from possible defeat by pathogenic bacteria.

3. The soil for planting of flax has to be friable that the ripened plants could be torn out together with root. The place on which you arrange the landings has to be protected from strong wind. Flax stalks very brittle can also break under its rushes.

4. Linseeds have not really good viability therefore it is better to sow them more densely. If there is need, you will be able always to thin out them.

5. Depending on conditions, flax can sprout up to three weeks therefore it is not necessary to despair if the little have to wait for shoots longer than normal. Stock up with patience, well humidify the soil, and shortly from the earth the first sprouts will seem.

6. The plant of flax represents itself stalk with the leaves located along it. Their greatest number is formed at flax by the blossoming period, with formation of ovaries the leaves begin to die off slowly.

7. As soon as fruits of flax begin to rattle, assimilating to rattle, seeds are considered ripened, and flax – ready to collecting and further processing.

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