How to couch grains for landing

How to couch grains for landing

The big harvest begins with small kernel which is insufficiently simple for putting to the earth. He needs to be put correctly and to look after well him. And still it is necessary to prepare him for crops carefully.

It is required to you

  • - seeds;
  • - flat superficial capacity;
  • - soft fabric or cotton wool;
  • - potassium permanganate.


1. Sorting, or scientifically calibration, is initial stage of preseeding preparation. At this stage all seeds intended to crops are sorted by the size. The identical amount of nutrients which contains in seeds of one size will provide their uniform viability and, respectively, their uniform growth of saplings and also their simultaneous maturing. Seeds sort on small, average and large and are landed by all three categories in separate seedling boxes.

2. Disinfecting should be carried out after sorting, before the following stages of preparation – soaking and prorashchivaniye. It is possible to disinfect seeds in different ways. Freezing – simpler method which is not demanding a lot of work. Seeds spread thin layers on fabric on bottom of any capacity, close each layer from above fabric and hold at-1 … 3 °C from 3 to 5 days.

3. It is possible to disinfect seeds warming up. To leave for 2-3 days in the sun, to suspend in linen sack over heating appliance or for 5 hours to place in oven at +45 … 55 °C. This temperature is enough for destruction of harmful microflora and receiving incentive to active prorashchivaniye.

4. After disinfection the seeds need to be wetted. It will accelerate emergence of shoots for week. In flat superficial capacity on bottom spread fabric, fill up with thin layer seeds, again cover with fabric and fill in with water of room temperature. Large seeds can be spread out on sacks and to place in containers with water.

5. Prorashchivaniye will accelerate emergence of harvest and will positively affect its quality and quantity. The soakings which have bulked up or arisen later seeds accurately are displayed in capacity between two layers of damp soft fabric or cotton wool and are left in the warm room for a period of two up to five days. It is necessary to watch that fabric did not dry up, and was constantly damp. It is possible to place capacity with seeds in hermetic plastic bag where the optimum level of humidity will be maintained. Process of prorashchivaniye comes to the end at emergence in seeds of white sprouts.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team