How to couch grapes

How to couch grapes

Grapes can be seen not only on counters of shops or on sites of the warm cities and the countries. The small stone of this wonderful gift of the nature is capable to turn into magnificent grapevine directly at your place. There are several secrets on grapes prorashchivaniye.


1. The grapes germinated from stone begin to yield fruits in only five years, sometimes later. Business will go quicker if the early look gets to you. Therefore, buying grapes, take an interest about its grade. It is better if it is new grade as it is most resistant to diseases.

2. Take stones from very ripe berries, accurately separate them from pulp and well wash out

3. Put the washed-out stones in wet kapron sack, then place it in ordinary plastic bag and remove in the fridge. From time to time take out stones that again to wash out them. On the expiration of several months (it is normal through two) the seeds will crack, and it means that they are already ready to landing.

4. Place the sprouted stones on wet rag and put in heat (it is possible about the battery). Right after seeds give white backs, replace them in pot with fertile soil (on two parts of humus use one part of sand) to one and a half centimeters in depth. Put pots on the solar place where there are more light and heat. Approximately in week you will see sprouts.

5. Sprouts of grapes do not demand special care. Care for them, as for any other plants. Water in time, but do not fill in, you loosen and fertilize the soil.

6. Closer to summer the escapes of grapes can be replaced in big pots and to expose on balcony or to land on the seasonal dacha.

7. Before cold weather twist rod in ring, powder with the earth and cover with special material till spring. Do cutting of plant only after it has begun to yield fruits. To couch grapes from stones - very labor-consuming occupation. If you want to receive the whole vineyard, then it is better to plant already ready saplings.

8. How to couch shanks. The best time for prorashchivaniye - the end of February or March.

9. Take shanks with the expressed kidneys, cut off the lower cut of sprout of centimeter on two.

10. With addition of weak solution of potassium permanganate place shanks for 4 hours in the settled water. Leave for couple of days.

11. Further take half-liter jar, pour into it a little water. Cover bottom with layer of cotton wool and put several crystals of potassium permanganate and piece of wood charcoal. These conditions will not allow water to deteriorate.

12. Place shanks in the prepared capacity, put on windowsill. Add fresh water one-two times a week. Try to keep water temperature within 25 degrees.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team