How to couch lentil

How to couch lentil

Recently it is much told about exclusive advantage of sprouts of leguminous cultures. At the same time one important fact is often held back: many germinated seeds / grains contain noxious to health substances which are possible for removing only by means of thermal treatment - boiling or blanshirovka. And only lentil is deprived of such shortcoming therefore it it is possible, and even more preferably to use in the raw. It tastes like young green peas and it suits for use in salads. However there are certain rules how to couch lentil.


1. Carefully wash out lentil in colander under flowing water.

2. Pour out the washed-out lentil in the enameled ware (will approach also glass or porcelain) layer about 2-2.5 cm. Such layer will provide uniform germination. Some hostesses pour out lentil in ware not at once, and having spread previously on its bottom cotton fabric, considering that thus moisture will longer keep, and germination will happen more evenly and quicker.

3. Fill in lentil with water of room temperature so that grains have been hardly hidden under water. From above cover with fine fabric (for example, gauze). In process of evaporation add water to the top level of grains.

4. Put ware with lentil for prorashchivaniye to the warm place, only not under direct sunshine.

5. In a day or two (depending on quality of grains and ambient air temperature) on lentil will appear sprouts, and kernels will become soft. Wash out sprouts for the purpose of removal of mold fungi which can appear during prorashchivaniye. Lentil is ready for use.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team