How to couch linseeds

How to couch linseeds

Preseeding preparation of seeds of flax consists in number of the actions directed to one purpose is receiving amicable shoots and big crop. It is necessary to make selection of full seeds, disinsection, thermal treatment and hardening. Such way of prorashchivaniye will allow to achieve the maximum results.

It is required to you

  • - potassium permanganate;
  • - capacity;
  • - fabric;
  • - complex mineral fertilizers;
  • - seeds;
  • - sieve;
  • - fridge.


1. To select full seeds, fill them in capacity, fill in with cold water. All empty seeds will emerge, you will need only to merge them.

2. Linseeds when soaking give large amount of slime which can promote souring of planting stock even until germination therefore several times fill in seeds with warm water, every time drain water and wash out seeds in sieve.

3. For disinfecting use pink solution of potassium permanganate. Place in it seeds for 20 minutes, again carefully wash out and keep in water with temperature of 60 degrees within 10 minutes.

4. In addition carry out processing in complex mineral fertilizers. Part 1 tablespoon on two liters of water, place seeds in capacity for 1 hour.

5. Only after such processing start direct prorashchivaniye. It is the most convenient to do it in the special capacity which represents design with grids, for running off of excessive amount of liquid. On grids lay fabric, fill linseeds thin layer, it is abundant water with warm clear water. Put capacity to the warm place with temperature of 22-24 degrees.

6. Daily check that fabric remained damp. You make Prorashchivaniye no more than four days.

7. During this term every night put capacity on the lower shelf of the fridge. In such a way you will make training that will allow to sow seeds in soil of the put terms much earlier. If at normal way the seeding is made at warming up of the soil up to the temperature of 6-8 degrees, then after training you can begin crops at temperature of soil from +2 degrees.

8. It is possible to prepare for crops by prorashchivaniye fiber flax, kudryash and the half-wit. Close up germinated seeds on depth of 3 cm while dry seeds can be sowed on depth of 1.5-2 cm.

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