How to couch nuts from seeds

How to couch nuts from seeds

Walnut very much loves moisture and a lot of light. It best of all grows on moderately damp carbonate loams on which the low constant level of underground water is noted. At walnut quite powerful root system which gets deeply into the soil. Maturing of fruits takes place in October-November, and blossoming – in April-May.


1. To grow up walnut, it is necessary to select quality seeds for a start. The seed has to be ripened and besides it is easy to drop out their okoloplodnik. The nuts which are selected on seeds it is necessary to dry couple of days in the sun. After that they are dried under canopy. If during the autumn period to plant not stratified nuts, then the first shoots will be observed at the end of May.

2. To keep nuts for spring landing, it is necessary to place them in the cool place. In 90-110 days prior to landing they need to be put in damp sand. Temperature has to be about 7 degrees. It is necessary to sow them in May. The most optimum depth – 7-9 centimeters. In landing groove lay nut sideways, on edge. If nuts are planted in the spring, then the first shoots will already be 10 days later. It is necessary to dig out seedlings of walnut of bed with earth lump next spring. Length of core root has to be more than 40 centimeters. After that it is possible to land it on the constant place.

3. If seedlings use as stock, then it is necessary to plant them according to the scheme 1х0.25 meters. In year of disembarkation it is necessary to make okulirovka. For walnut it is possible to make shanks of young trees. Quite often imparted trees enter fructification at the age of 8-10 years.

4. Entrances of nuts can be observed 3 weeks later. By fall they grow approximately to 15 centimeters. After growth stops, stipitates begin to get fat. If in July-August it is constant to water seedlings, then they will grow further, however they will already hardly be able to winter.

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