How to couch peas

How to couch peas

Peas are annual grassy plant. The stalk at it hollow also has the clinging short moustaches of different length. The structure of stalks can be ordinary and standard. Plant leaves neparnoperisty. If desired it is possible to grow up peas independently.


1. Peas very much love moisture, especially during this period when there is germination of seeds. Also the plant loves light. Let's note, bad growth is observed on sour soils. Peas can take out many mineral substances from the soil. It constantly needs phosphoric and potash fertilizers. Nitrogen fertilizers can be applied only on the soils poor in nitrogen.

2. For peas it is necessary to choose the open and solar place in kitchen garden. If you want to receive good harvest of vegetable peas, then in advance fill the soil with humus or compost. In the spring before crops it is recommended to introduce nitrogen fertilizers.

3. Also do not forget to execute otsortirovka of the seeds damaged by pea zernovka. Make selection of more full seeds and submerge them in 3% solution of table salt. Seeds which will emerge need to be removed. And those which have gone to bottom need to be washed out in clear water and to dry to flowability.

4. Peas need to be watered regularly. Especially these need to be engaged at emergence of shoots, weeding of weeds, loosening and fertilizing, pest control. After shoots enough get stronger and will go to growth, to them it is the best of all to substitute hvorostina. The plant will cling to them short moustaches. There will be vertical growth of peas.

5. Peas it is necessary to feed up 2 times mineral fertilizers. You bring under watering 10 — 15 grams of urea, 20 — 30 grams of superphosphate and 10 — 15 grams of chloride potassium on one square meter.

6. It is the best of all to harvest some shelling peas on green peas when grains in pod reach the maximum size. Shutters have to be juicy and green. Signs of grid on surface should not be. If on pods there was white grid, then it is the first sign of dead-ripe stage of peas.

7. Beans blades of sugar grades of peas need to be removed during this period when they green, flat, fleshy, gentle and juicy, with underdeveloped seeds. It is necessary to remove beans several times during season in process of peas pospevaniye.

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