How to couch potato

How to couch potato

It is considered that potato does not demand such big preparatory work before landing as other vegetables which cultivation begins with seedling. It is not absolutely right. The one who is going to receive rich harvest carefully prepares planting stock, that is, in due time couches and processes tubers in due form.

It is required to you

  • Boxes, the light aired room, substrate (opit, peat, humus), fertilizers, water


1. One one or one and a half months prior to landing get seed potatoes from storage. Take tubers in water of room temperature within 10-12 hours. This procedure will return to potatoes the moisture lost in storage time.

2. Spread out potatoes in 2 rows in in advance prepared boxes, pouring them dry opil, peat or humus. Put boxes in the aired room where light gets. It is possible, of course, and to scatter tubers on floor, but it will provide you excess labor costs, they should be collected then in the same boxes or bags. Besides at the same time the grown backs can come off. If to couch tubers for lack of light, sprouts will turn out thin and breaking off. Optimal temperature conditions at this stage +10-15 °C.

3. In 25-30 days when sprouts on tubers get stronger, it is necessary to moisten substrate (opit, peat or humus which you poured tubers). It is regularly and better necessary to moisten not with water, but water solution of fertilizers (for example, 30 g of chloride potassium and 60 g of superphosphate on 10 l of water or 2-3 matchboxes of urea on 10 l of water). It is important not to overdo potatoes in humid environment, otherwise backs will outgrow and will grow together between themselves that will cause difficulties when landing. That potatoes are ready to landing, "will report" powerful lobes of roots. The tubers prepared thus will give 100 percent viability and amicable strong shoots.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team