How to couch potatoes for landing

How to couch potatoes for landing

For certain to receive big harvest of potatoes, couch it in advance. Plus such preparation also in receiving early products. And if you still process seed tubers ashes and growth factors, for harvesting there will not be enough bags.

It is required to you

  • - ashes;
  • - manganese;
  • - growth factor.


1. A month before landing of potatoes in kitchen garden get tubers from storage (cellar, subfloor, the basement). Touch, having left only good as for storage time potatoes could be wrinkled and even to begin to rot. Tear off all appeared sprouts, to landing will appear new and strong.

2. Correctly to couch potatoes before landing, it is necessary to process at first tubers from causative agents of different diseases which can be on peel. For this purpose dissolve potassium permanganate in bucket. Solution has to be brightly pink. Impose seed potatoes in grid and lower in bucket, process tubers of minutes 10. Spread out the sorted cardboard boxes on floor and pour out on them the processed potatoes, without rubbing off. Thus disinfect all seed tubers.

3. If you want to couch quickly potatoes before landing, use growth factors. On their sale there is a lot of therefore it is possible to choose. Dissolve medicine, according to the instruction, and process tubers. If you have not managed to couch tubers and will put them without sprouts that generally is undesirable, process potatoes how to put in hole.

4. Now it is possible to begin to couch potatoes. If at you a little planting stock, just spread out it on the same cardboard boxes and so leave. If you are going to set several hundred parts, it will be more convenient to couch potatoes in plastic boxes from vegetables. Only fill them half, otherwise sprouts will be long from the shortage of light.

5. And, at last, before landing process germinated potatoes ashes. It is easy to make it. Just strew with the sifted ashes tubers directly in boxes and a little them shake. And if you when landing in addition put ashes handful directly in hole, such wrecker as the wireworm, will forget the road to your potatoes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team