How to couch rye

How to couch rye

Germinated seeds of grain find application in the system of healthy power supply today and also in many diets. The advantage of the use of sprouts of wheat, oats, barley is not subject to doubt today: it is confirmed by scientists, physicians and practice. The germinated rye holds in this row specific place as the composition of the substances and enzymes "spilling" in the course of soaking is a little other than other grain. So, in rye bigger percent of enzymes, vitamin E, potassium, magnesium and silicon, than, for example, in wheat. However that all these useful properties have not become puzzled during the procedure of prorashchivaniye, it is necessary to observe the sequence of actions.


1. Take standard daily rate of consumption of rye grains. As a rule, it is from 80 to 100-120 grams (4-5 tablespoons).

2. Touch grain, separating garbage and also the immature and damaged grains.

3. Carefully wash rye grains with boiled or flowing water and pour out in the prepared capacity. It can be bowl, plate, low pan with wide bottom. It is important that ware was glass, enameled or plastic (in enameled there should not be chips and cracks). The layer of dry grains of rye should not exceed the 2nd see.

4. Fill in grains with clear water (better tala or from the filter) so that water hardly covered rye layer.

5. Cover ware with the moistened grains from above with cotton fabric or gauze (it is possible to close leaky cover) and remove to the dark or shaded place, but not under direct sunshine at all. Air temperature should not exceed +22-24ºC.

6. During the day check capacity. If it is closed by cover, then remove it for 10-15 minutes for the purpose of airing and exception of emergence of musty smell. In process of drying of water add it to initial level.

7. If to this step all of you did correctly, already on second day on your grains sprouts have to appear. Process of their proklevyvaniye depends on air temperature indoors and qualities of initial grain.

8. Carefully, trying not to damage fragile boring, wash out germinated grains. It is possible to make it, pouring boiled water directly in the capacity in which they are, and accurately stirring slowly with them (to merge water 3-4 times and to continue washing in fresh water). And it is possible to shift carefully grains in colander and to wash out them under flowing water. The germinated rye is ready for use.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team