How to couch seeds in tablet

How to couch seeds in tablet

Peat tablets though are rather new development, but have already received certain popularity among gardeners. They are very convenient for prorashchivaniye of seeds and the subsequent planting of seedling in soil. The efficiency of tablets from peat directly depends on correctness of their use. Any violation of technology – and seeds just will not sprout.

It is required to you

  • - peat tablets;
  • - seeds;
  • - capacity for seedling;
  • - transparent film, glass or plastic.


1. Prepare all necessary tools. Pay attention whether there is in the peat tablets acquired by you cover network. It limits substrate form. At its absence it is desirable to buy in addition special glasses for seedling. Choose in what you will couch seeds. The mini-hotbed or special propagator will be the ideal decision, but also the pot, box or any other capacity which corresponds to form of tablets will approach.

2. Put peat tablet deepening up in pot or glass of the suitable size or place them densely to one another in box or box where you will couch seeds. Water with small amount of warm water and set aside for half an hour. Wait that tablets have bulked up, having increased in the amount of by 5-7 times and having taken the necessary form limited to special cover network or glass. Drain the remained water from capacity.

3. Plant seeds, having placed them in special deepening. Put 1-2 seeds in each tablet. Cover deepening with peat. If you plant seeds which for prorashchivaniye need light, then it is necessary to place them almost to the very top and to cover with nothing.

4. Cover capacity with tablet transparent film, plastic or glass for creation of greenhouse effect. As a result the mini-hotbed which conditions perfectly are suitable for prorashchivaniye of seeds will turn out. Place future seedling in heat or include propagator on heating.

5. Support microclimate in mini-hotbed with peat tablet. Substrate of peat tablet possesses all necessary substances providing growth of seedling therefore additional fertilizing is not required to seeds. Everything that it is necessary to do to the gardener, it regularly to water plants. The main rule of use of peat tablets – maintenance of humidity. Tablets should not dry up, but also excessive watering can do much harm. It is the best of all to water seedling through pallet in the small portions. Also periodically open hotbed on airing. It will allow to avoid emergence of fungus. At its detection all infected tablets should be thrown out.

6. Replace plant when roots of seedling begin to be looked through from peat tablet. Accurately, without having damaged plant, get tablets from the capacity where seedling was couched. It is not necessary to delete cover network. It will be dissolved in new soil subsequently, without bearing any harm to your shoots. Further just put peat tablet with seedling to the new soil.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team