How to couch seeds of wild strawberry (strawberry)

How to couch seeds of wild strawberry (strawberry)

It is not so simple to grow up large-fruited garden or remontant wild strawberry from seeds. Because of the tiny sizes, small quantity them in bags the seeds are often just lost in layer of earth soil. Prorashchivaniye - one of ways to receive qualitative seedling of favourite berry.

At strawberry seeds, as a rule, good viability as generally garden shops offer seeds of import origin. Laboratory viability at such seeds about 80-90%. But in room conditions to achieve high viability it is very hard. Besides they are tugovskhozhy. Therefore it is possible to use the same laboratory reception and to couch wild strawberry seeds before putting them in soil soil.

Plastic containers with covers, crockery saucers and piece of glass will be suitable for prorashchivaniye to cover saucer. On bottom such ""Understand cups"" we lay 3-4 layers of the filtered paper. Also napkins, toilet paper, but not the newspaper will approach. Paper should be wetted, and then it is obligatory to invert container that the excess of water has flown down.

On the humidified layer we spread seeds of wild strawberry and we close cover. Seeds does not need to be covered from above with paper. For germination they will have enough that moisture which they absorb from base layer. Advantages of such method are that it is possible to control germination process.

Seeds demand the first days airing not to allow condensate from cover. When drying layer of paper, water is accurately added on edge of container and surely merge excess moisture.

When seeds of wild strawberry sprout and backs will appear it is necessary (obligatory to wait) that sprouts have dumped seed peel and have shown cotyledonous leaves. After that it is possible to start change in soil mix. Before change properly we water the filtered paper in order that it is razmokla and has released the backs which have grown into it.

The sprouted seedlings replaced thus take root safely. It is important that in the first few days them the same conditions of keeping (lighting and temperature) have been provided. Sprouts are densely not covered. Now it is important not to pour them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team