How to couch shanks of roses

How to couch shanks of roses

Cultivation of roses from shanks is obviously possible only in the closed soil, that is in greenhouses, winter gardens or apartments. The roses received from shank have the name – kornesobstvenny, their root system is not calculated on hard frosts at all. Sometimes so there is a wish that the presented flowers were pleasing to the eye as long as possible. Therefore you should not throw out rose, it is possible to implant and grow up it from shank new plant.

It is required to you

  • - sharp knife;
  • - rose;
  • - soil for landing of roses;
  • - sand;
  • - haydite;
  • - potassium permanganate or brilliant green;
  • - growth activator;
  • - medicine for growth of roots.


1. It is worth noticing that already sluggish flower with the falling-down leaves has no opportunity to take roots. Therefore it is worth going to flower shop and to take an interest at the seller as long there are roses in flowerpot. The bud has to be strong, and leaves to have saturated dark green color. If roses cost already long time in shop, it is worth refusing such flowers.

2. After arrival home immediately start cherenkovaniye of roses. First of all cut off stalk under water jet, the corner of cut has to make 45 degrees. Remove stalk thin skin about cut on five centimeters. Kidneys at the same time should not be touched, remove leaves to the middle of stalk. Do cuts by exclusively sharp knife, at all not scissors. You prizhgit the top cut, for this purpose it is possible to use potassium permanganate or brilliant green safely.

3. Place shanks in special medicine (growth activator) for twelve hours, it is possible to use normal juice of aloe which is available practically in each house. Then dip the lower cut into the medicine promoting the active growth of roots.

4. Pave the way, for this purpose it is possible to use the bought substrate for roses. Fill haydite layer, then soil on bottom of pot or box and fill up with three-centimetric layer of sand. To this soil land shanks of roses, depth of landing has to be one and a half-two centimeters.

5. Water shanks (room temperature) and cover with plastic bottles (cut off bottom and put neck up), forming, thus, peculiar microclimate. Further water shanks through neck. Cover from above bottle with any nonwoven fabric.

6. If on shank the bud begins to appear, immediately remove it. You keep plant under hotbed three-four weeks then begin to accustom him to fresh air gradually. It is recommended to hold shanks at temperature of 23-25 degrees, put pot under the daylight lamp in the evening.

7. The first three weeks spray shanks from spray on five-seven times a day. Three weeks later it is possible to reduce sprayings to three times. At the same time constantly you watch that the soil always remained slightly damp, but not crude.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team