How to couch tangerine stone

How to couch tangerine stone

If you want to see at yourself on windowsill tangerine tree, will be to dig handful of stones in pot insufficiently and to wait for shoots. To achieve results, it is necessary to know how it is correct to couch to sunflower seed how to look after in what conditions to contain exotic sprouts.


1. In order that to grow up tangerine tree from stone, to you will be required to buy several ripe tangerines from which it is necessary to take the whole handful of seeds (not less than 5-10 pieces) as there is opportunity that many of them will not be able to sprout.

2. To couch tangerine sunflower seeds, you will need the gauze piece put in several layers. Put seeds in gauze, turn and it is regular, within several days, moisten with water that they were constantly in damp state. Over time stones will bulk up and will arise.

3. In shop it is possible to buy hydrogel which is on sale in the form of balls, color and transparent. At water influence, hydrogel inflates and long time holds in itself moisture, creating thereby ideal conditions for growth of various plants. Put tangerine stone to the center of hydrogel. As the top layer quickly dries up, and lower – too damp.

4. The easiest way to couch stone of tangerine is to put yet not arisen stone in pot with the soil and to water periodically with the settled water.

5. The tangerine tree, exactly as well as any other citrus plant, loves large number of the sun therefore put it in well lit place (on the southern window). You watch in the winter that air temperature in the room did not fall lower than 12 degrees. Try to maintain constant air humidity – spray tree or put humidifier nearby. Watering has to be almost daily, the main thing is not to be overzealous.

6. The tangerine tree which is grown up almost from scratch in house conditions will become the real subject of your pride. It will please you all the year round with the glossy and beautiful leaves and also the pleasant aroma characteristic of each tangerine tree. But you will see fruits on such tree which is grown up from stone not soon – years so through 10-15, and most likely, they cannot be eaten. If you want to receive the real citrus harvest, then you should impart to it shank from plant with good fertility.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team