How to count board cube

How to count board cube

Features of rules of sale of timber are rather difficult therefore even supervisory authorities can not always evaluate the accuracy of holiday of such products. Unlike other types of goods, materials from wood sell not on weight, not by the piece, and use measurement in cubic meters. How to count, for example, board cube?

It is required to you

  • Calculator; tables of calculation of volume of timber


1. Some producers deliver ready packages of timber in trade organizations, attaching to them label where the exact volume and the price of such package are specified. Examine the products interesting you regarding availability of such label, it will simplify calculations. However, such practice is exception. Usually measurement of timber is performed by the storekeeper of timber trade base.

2. Define type of board which is necessary for you. Calculation of cubic capacity of timber depends on extent of its processing, look and grade. So, one cubic meter of boards can contain different quantity cut and edging board.

3. Choose method of calculation of timber. At calculation of volume of timber of coniferous and deciduous breeds use two methods. The first method – measurement of each board and multiplication of length, width and thickness. The second method assumes use of the standard (kubaturnik) intended for calculation of volume of cut timber. Tables of volume of meter of length and one piece of material are provided in the standard.

4. For example we will consider task in which it is required to find the volume of 50 eaves boards 125 mm wide, 22 mm thick, and 4.5 m long. According to the table find sawn timber thickness, and then on crossing of the horizontal column with the required width and the vertical column with the corresponding length find volume. It will be equal to 0.01238 CBM. Now multiply the found volume on number of boards and receive required volume: 0.01238 x 50 = 0.619 CBM.

5. Measurement is usually performed not just like that, and for determination of the price of timber at holiday. In this case find according to the corresponding price list the retail price of board of this type for one cubic meter and determine the cost of all party which you get. You can check correctness of use of retail price according to the folder of pricing.

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