How to count brickwork

To calculate quantity of brick for laying of the brick house as it is possible more precisely very important if you want to avoid excess expenditure. It is correct to calculate brick – means, to get it so much how many it is necessary, without the need for additional order or, on the contrary, without fears that after laying there will be a lot of brick, and money will be spent for nothing.

It is required to you

  • Tape measure,
  • calculator.


1. Define, thickness what walls you are going to lay brick. Depending on quantity of bricks their thickness can be 120 mm (half-brick), 250 mm (brick), 380 mm (one and a half bricks), 510 (two bricks), 640 mm (two and a half bricks). In the conditions of midland it will be rational to build the house with walls in two or two and a half bricks – that is 510 mm or 640 mm thick.

2. Calculate perimeter of walls which you are going to put, and their height. It becomes by means of tape measure, at measurement consider with small stock.

3. Learn the area of walls of future construction. For this purpose the perimeter needs to be increased by the expected height of walls. After obtaining total area of walls calculate the area of each window, door opening by similar formula. Put all these indicators and receive digit which will not be busy with brickwork.

4. Subtract the area of window and door openings from the total area of walls and receive the digit designating the area of brickwork in square meters.

5. For determination of necessary quantity of bricks it is necessary to calculate number of bricks taking into account their sizes. For laying are used unary (length of 250 mm, 120 mm wide, 65 mm high), one-and-a-half (250х120х88 mm) and double (250kh120kh138mm) bricks. Most often the unary brick is applied to construction of houses.

6. The square meter of the wall enclosed in half-brick consists from: 51 pieces (for unary brick), 39 pieces (one-and-a-half), 26 (double). To learn the quantity of bricks, necessary for laying of all building, the area of laying is multiplied by digit necessary to you, depending on the brick sizes.

7. After you have learned quantity of bricks, it is necessary for half-brick blockwork, increase this digit by 2 (if the wall is planned in brick), for 3 (for wall in one and a half bricks), on 4 – if the wall is in 2 bricks, etc.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team