How to count cubic capacity of boards

How to count cubic capacity of boards

Board - one of the most widespread construction materials. The board is widely applied at construction of subsidiary and residential buildings. It is used for timbering construction when concreting, fence around the site, etc. For determination of required quantity of board it is important to know its volume or cubic capacity.

It is required to you

  • tape measure and calculator.


1. Take tape measure and measure length, width and height of what you are going to sew up with board. Irrespective of for what purpose this timber will be used, for calculation of required cubic capacity of boards it is important to know linear sizes object constructions. If it is fence - its height and length is necessary. If walls, half of the shed or house - length and width. And so on.

2. Choose board thickness for the constructed design. It is very important that the board was sufficient thickness - its durability directly depends on it. The board should not be too thin, otherwise it will cave in and can even crack. Excessive thickness too is to anything excessive weight and excessive consumption of material.

3. Take the calculator and multiply the available linear sizes of the constructed design. To count board cubic capacity, increase the square at the chosen board thickness which has turned out as a result of the previous action. All sizes have to be specified to some measuring units - meters.

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