How to count foam concrete blocks

How to count foam concrete blocks

Use of foam concrete blocks for construction of any constructions – it is economic, buildings are built quickly, turn out rather warm and durable. To calculate necessary amount of foam concrete blocks, it is necessary to know length, width and height of the built building.

It is required to you

  • - tape measure;
  • - notebook;
  • - handle;
  • - calculator.


1. To calculate the necessary number of cubic meters of foam concrete blocks, and they are sold by cubic meters and cost in all points of trade is specified in this measuring unit, count length of all walls, increase by thickness and by building height.

2. Separately count length, height and width of doors, windows, put all received results, take away from total number of the calculated walls. Separate the received result into the volume of one block, that is at length increased by height and by width. To the received digit add 20% which will leave on fight when unloading and on loss at laying if to incorrectly cut foam concrete block at adjustment of the sizes. The initial calculation result will be the number of cubic meters of the blocks necessary for construction of your building.

3. If you do sinking masonry, then increase initial result by two.

4. To make calculation of amount of necessary foam concrete blocks in pieces, consider how many blocks will be in laying of the same kind. For this purpose put length of all walls of the building, separate into foam-concrete blocks length. Expect width that you will do laying of one foam concrete block, that is width of laying will be equal to width of one block.

5. Further make calculation of necessary quantity of ranks from which you are going to lay out building height. For example, the standard height of one-storey building is equal to 15 rows of foam concrete blocks; if you make binding from two rows of bar, then it is enough to lay out 14 rows of blocks and from above 2 rows of the sleeper block. You will increase the received height by 4 (if in the building there passes the load bearing wall, then multiply by 5), separate into block height. Such number of blocks will be required to you to lay out height. Increase by the blocks necessary at length, and receive the necessary result. If you do not take away from the calculated quantity of window and door, then it is not necessary to add 20% to the necessary quantity.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team