How to count the number of blocks

How to count the number of blocks

Perhaps, one of the first actions which are taken by the person who is going to build the house is calculation of amount of necessary construction materials. In case the house is supposed to be built of masonry units, there is need for calculation of their quantity. Calculators on the websites of producers of blocks do it too approximately – without availability of windows and doors. Having used the simple technique offered below, it is possible to make it much more precisely.

It is required to you

  • Internet access, calculator.


1. The choice of look you blokovopredelitsya with type of blocks of which you will build the house. It can be normal cement and sand or keramzitny blocks, foam concrete blocks, gas-concrete blocks and other. Having chosen certain type of blocks, it is necessary to decide also on their standard size.

2. Determination of necessary wall thickness to domapodschitayta necessary wall thickness of the house. For this purpose, first of all, it is necessary to count the required house wall resistance to heat transfer which depends on weather conditions. This parameter is defined taking into account GDHP (graduso-day of the heating period) which values can be found in Construction Norms and Regulations. Further depending on coefficient of thermal conductivity of the materials making wall (the chosen blocks and materials of external and inside lining) necessary wall thickness is counted. Its final sizes are accepted taking into account standard size of the used blocks. It is possible to look at exact method of calculation of wall thickness on the construction websites, for example, here:

3. Determination of other parameters you domaopredelitsya with other parameters of the house: its sizes (length, width and height), number of storeys, doors, availability and quantity of partitions. All these data need to be written down in the form of the table that further it was convenient to count.

4. Calculation of volume to kladkipodschitayta the volume of monolithic laying of the house which will be equal to the volume of all walls and partitions minus the volume of windows and doors. Thickness of walls should be considered without facing materials. Partitions, most likely, will be put by blocks of the smaller sizes (for example, foam-concrete blocks 100 mm thick) therefore the volume and the number of peregorodochny blocks should be counted separately.

5. Determination of number of blocks. Separate the value received in the previous point into the volume of one block. The received result will be yielded to you by the number of blocks necessary for construction of the house. It must be kept in mind that this calculation does not consider availability of seams. To consider them, separate the received value into coefficient 1.05-1.07 which considers the volume of masonry mortar at thickness of seam of 10-20 mm. However do not forget that blocks need to be bought with small stock therefore the coefficient considering the volume of seams can and be not applied.

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