How to count wood volume

How to count wood volume

Construction of the house or giving seldom does without use of timber. In construction both round timber, and boards in various extent of processing can be used. Rules of sale of wood not always help to determine the volume of the acquired products precisely. With the minimum knowledge and skills you can count the volume of products from tree independently.

It is required to you

  • - cubature tables;
  • - tape measure;
  • - calculator;
  • - paper;
  • - pencil.


1. Buying wood in warehouse, examine ready package of timber. Sometimes the producer attaches to the volume prepared for sale special label in which exact volume, characteristics and the price of package is specified. However, it is not always possible to meet such pre-sale preparation, most often calculations are required to be conducted independently or to rely on decency of the seller.

2. Define type of material which volume you need to count. One cubic meter can contain various quantity gorbylya, cut or edging board or round timber. Calculation of cubic capacity is defined by extent of processing of wood, its look and grade.

3. If you need to determine volume gorbylya, sort it longwise on two groups: to two meters and more. Lay the croaker in stack that the thin and thick ends alternated, and the raw surface went layers up and down. Provide the identical height of stack on all its length, right angles and dense laying. Multiply the average height of package on width and length; you receive so-called stacked cubic capacity.

4. As the prices of holiday of the wood have to be established not in stacked cubic capacity, and in dense weight, use special coefficient for the translation of the received values. For neoradical gorbylya up to two meters long it makes 0.48; for barked – 0.56.

5. Use also for scoping of materials from coniferous and deciduous breeds so-called kubaturnik who represents the approved standard executed in the form of tables with capacities of one piece of sawn timber.

6. Determine the volume of uncleft woods not with application of coefficients of the transfer to dense measure, and by means of measurement of each log. For example, the log has diameter of 0.18 m and length of 6 m. The volume of log will be in this case about 0.194 CBM. Multiply this size on quantity of logs in stack to receive the required volume of all batch of the wood.

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