How to cover circles under eyes

How to cover circles under eyes

under eyes can appear for various reasons. Fatigue, stresses, immoderation in intake of alcohol, problem with normal functioning of internals. What was the reason of emergence of dark circles, appearance they spoil fairly. When there is no time to fight against problem source, it is necessary only to disguise correctly circles under eyes.


  1. Before starting directly masking dark circlesof under eyes, be not too lazy to use instant mask or compress. Already ready masks in the form of cream, gel or small pillows are on sale in drugstores and shops. If they are absent near at hand, use old reliable tool – compress from usual tea leaves. Make tea more strong, plentifully moisten cotton pads and put them on eyes for about 10 minutes. The same can be done also with cottage cheese, having wrapped it in gauze. After that wipe eye area with ice cube.
  2. Do not use only compact powder as the masking means. It should be put more, than it is provided therefore it gives unnatural effect. Buy anti-chamoises – special means for masking of dark circles under eyes. The pigments which are its part absorb bluish shade and scatter light that gives to look freshness. Anti-chamoises, unlike other means, it is created only for fight against circles under eyes and it is put under liquid foundation, but not over it.
  3. If there is no anti-chamois, use other decorative cosmetics. Circles under eyes, as a rule, cannot be covered with usual tone means. Exception form specially developed bases of dense consistence designed to hide pronounced defects. They can be found among line of professional cosmetics and at some producers of decorative cosmetics of medical series.
  4. Use concealer – it absorbs bluish color and does not dry fine skin around eyes. Its shade has to be slightly lighter than color of liquid foundation. For deeper correction and masking use two shades of the proofreader. Some producers sell already ready proofreaders two in one.
  5. Carefully shade any masking means. It has to lie thin layer, otherwise you gain effect of mask, and it looks unnaturally. Use light shadows to make look fresher. By means of powder of different shades or blush place correctly accents, make the face more relief and live to distract look from circles under eyes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team