How to cover raspberry for the winter

How to cover raspberry for the winter

To prepare raspberry for comfortable wintering it is necessary to begin at the end of September, as a last resort – at the beginning of October. The main thing to manage to take care of raspberry before air temperature falls below zero.

It is required to you

  • - secateurs;
  • - straw;
  • - gloves;
  • - wire.


1. Preparation of bushes of raspberry for wintering will consist in scrap. Autumn cutting of raspberry differs from the spring forming cutting. On each bush at first cut off sharp secateurs at the roots all excess branches: old dry, thin and young not quite ripe escapes. After removal superfluous on bush there have to be only thick ripened trunks. They need to be truncated from above on 10-20 cm. Between bushes of raspberry the distance not less than 60 cm is left. If the raspberry brake has expanded, excess trunks at root should be chopped off shovel. Implementation of these recommendations will allow not only to keep raspberry brake in frosts, but also to increase productivity and the size of berries next year.

2. Also before wintering from bushes of raspberry all leaves are removed. It needs to be done manually, trying not to injure growth kidneys. For convenience it is possible to use the following method: to put on rough thick mitten or the rubberized glove and to carry out by her on each escape of raspberry from below up. It will help to remove quickly leaves and not to povrezhdit kidney. It is impossible to leave leaves on raspberry as they in cold season dampen, then decay and burn kidneys. Therefore removal of leaves should pay special attention.

3. After cleaning of bushes from leaves and scraps begin to bend down raspberry to the earth and to fix escapes by wire. It is necessary to bend down most low (not higher than 50 cm), otherwise raspberry will remain over snow cover and will freeze.

4. Died these in order that raspberry has not frozen, on condition of snow winter it is enough. Raspberry does not need the special shelter. But in order that the bush has well transferred cold weather, it is necessary to watch plant in the winter. If snow appears a little, and raspberry will not be completely covered by it, snow needs to be poured manually. It is also necessary to delete snow crust at once after its emergence that air freely arrived through snow to raspberry.

5. If all operations are performed correctly, the most part of escapes will well winter. Escapes which after all have been damaged by frost or wreckers need to be removed not to endanger other bushes. It becomes in the early spring when the plant is at rest.

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