How to cover roses for the winter

How to cover roses for the winter

If you the amateur gardener and in your fairyland are roses, then you for certain thought how to take care of them during the winter period.

The most terrible for these flowers not frost, but lack of snow. If the soil naked, then rose can freeze also at insignificant frost. It is anyway better to be reinsured and cover roses at winter. As material for warming of roots of flowers it can be used different options. Begin with the fact that dig round roots and powder flower earth. Then take old aluminum or plastic bucket, and cut at it bottom. If the bush small can be enough also plastic baklazhka of large volume. Now take and put on this improvised pipe bush. In some areas where frosts are not strong such oxygen pillow enough. In the same place where winters promise to be severe, is necessary are additional heater.

First, drive edge "pipe" in the earth that it has been densely fixed and was displaced under wind gust. Then the bulbous peel, sunflower peel, or any similar product can serve you. Even dry leaves which you will collect in garden can approach. Thrust the chosen leaves into "pipe" and leaky there stack. The main thing that the flower has not choked therefore it is necessary to leave the airbag.

If at you big and long-term roses which it will be difficult to put on "pipe", then task to become complicated grow in garden. To cover roses of such plan, it is possible to use old has dressed, the rags which have served the. Envelop bush rags, and fix it by wire. Especially conveniently if the rose curls on framework, then it is possible to fix heaters directly to it. In general long-term roses, quite not bad transfer hard winters. With age they adapt. Therefore special warming is demanded by only young saplings. Take care of them properly, and the next year they will please you in the excellent flowers. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team