How to cover roses for the winter in Moscow area

How to cover roses for the winter in Moscow area

Rose - culture which in midland of Russia needs the shelter for the winter as without additional protection against frosts the plant simply will not endure strong frosts. It is necessary to approach the procedure with skill, at the wrong shelter it is possible to lose this wonderful flower in garden.

It is required to you

  • - pine fir twigs;
  • - ukryvny material;
  • - scissors;
  • - stones or bricks.


1. First of all prepare roses for wintering. If there is opportunity (stalks of bushes thin and it is good to bend), then bend down them to the earth and record wire. If bushes have rigid and thick stalks, then in this case garden scissors cut off branches so that on each branch remained on pair of kidneys. Cover cuts with the garden thief. Well examine bushes and if you notice patients or the damaged branches, remove them.

2. Remove damp leaves, garbage around roses. Strew lightly soil around bushes with fir-tree needles, wood chippings, sawdust or dry peat. It is important that these components surely were dry, it is necessary to think of it in advance, that is follows for few weeks before work to gather these materials and to dry.

3. Slightly bend down branches of roses to the earth and cover them with fir twigs. If there is need, then near roses thrust in soil on some especially thick fir-tree branches that they during the shelter undertook part of weight. Further, when snow will drop out, these branches will protect roses from weight of snowdrifts.

4. Take ukryvny material (for example, spandex), fold it double and cover the design created earlier. By means of stones or bricks press ukryvny material to the earth. Many gardeners instead of ukryvny material use normal film. And so It should be noted that it is really possible to use it, but only in case the shelter of plants occurs when there is no thaw (subzero temperature and is established day and night), otherwise it is necessary to air constantly the shelter that in it excess moisture did not accumulate.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team