How to cover strawberry for the winter

How to cover strawberry for the winter

That strawberry pleased with the unique taste and children and adults, it needs to be grown up at first. For this berry on the seasonal dacha special leaving is necessary. And with approach of winter the thermophilic plant should be protected from cold.


1. In the future not to face yield loss, strawberry surely should be covered with approach of frosts. The fact is that the root system of this berry in the absence of snow cover is damaged at 8 degrees of frost and if stem of thermometer falls below, up to-10 degrees, also elevated part of plant will die.

2. Make strawberry ready for the winter. For this purpose fertilize roots manure or other fertilizing. And at the end of summer - early autumn carry out mulching of the soil by humus, cane, dry wood leaves, peat, fir-tree or pine needles, etc.

3. When freezing of the soil reaches 5-6 cm, cover strawberry. If to make it earlier, the plant can the ban and, therefore, die.

4. To protect strawberry bushes, cover them with large amount of straw (you watch that in straw there were no seeds since they can attract mice who for certain will spoil plant) or sawdust. For the shelter of strawberry on small sites it is possible to use agrofibre. All these materials zaderzhavat snow on the site, creating additional protection to plant. Thickness of layer of ukryvny material has to be 6-8 cm.

5. If the winter low-snow, then is possible death of the plants which are not covered with snow from unexpected sharp frosts in the spring. Therefore try to delay thawing of snow on the site, having whenever possible shaded it big boxes and other improvised materials.

6. About approach of heat exempt bushes from ukryvny material to provide them scope for growth.

7. In fight against night spring frosts use agrofibre. Cover with it strawberry for the night, exempting bushes from material since the morning that bees had opportunity to pollinate plant.

8. Try to grow up the zoned strawberry grades suitable for your region. They are capable to transfer winter without shelter at availability of snow cover of big thickness.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team