How to cover with zinc steel part

How to cover with zinc steel part

If you want to zinc some steel subject or part, it is not obligatory to have at all the friend who works at the plant. You can make galvanization, having stocked up with all necessary.

1. In shop of auto parts buy ready electrolyte for acid accumulators. Find several old batteries. The zinc which is contained in them is also required to you. It is better that batteries were cheap, old type. Make an incision zinc strong knife and accurately remove it, then wash with water.

2. In glass jar pour half of glass of electrolyte and place the zinc removed from batteries there. At once reaction which result will be formation of solution of sulfate of zinc (it to you will begin and it is necessary) and hydrogen. Be attentive: hydrogen easily ignites, and in connection with air it forms detonating gas which is explosive. Therefore put jar on balcony and do not let smokers there. If to you reluctance to potter with electrolyte, try to look for zinc sulfate in some shop where trade in chemical reactants.

3. That reaction was not too impassioned, fill up scraps of zinc from batteries in the small portions. Add them in process of dissolution, before the termination of reaction with acid which has to be spent completely.

4. Clean from rust and dirt and also carefully degrease to do which you want to zinc. Take its some time in accumulator electrolyte, vinegar or hydrochloric acid, but not in orthophosphoric acid or rust solvent, otherwise zinc will never stick to film from phosphates.

5. Pour zinc sulfate solution in the vessel resistant to acid. It is better if it is glass, however also the backet which is cut out from polyethylene canister will descend.

6. As energy source you can use the device for charging of automobile accumulators equipped with the current adjuster and the ampermeter on which it is rather convenient to exercise control over current intensity. Connect wire to negative conclusion of the device then connect it to part – the cathode will turn out. To make the anode, choose big piece of zinc and by means of wire connect it to the plus terminal of the device for charging.

7. During galvanic process the anode metal transfer (zinc piece) on the cathode (the zinced part) will begin. The anode should be changed periodically as it is constantly dissolved. Not to worsen anticorrosive properties of zinc covering by means of hit in copper solution from wire, you watch that only zinc, but in any way not wire to which it is attached has been submerged in electrolyte.

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