How to create artificial stream in garden

How to create artificial stream in garden

The stream well reflects character of the owner and his outlook. Limits of imagination for creation of stream do not exist. It can quickly stream and break against powders, can flow slowly and slowly, can be direct, and can strike with the frequency of the bends. Even more variety exists in coastal and water plants, stones, mosses, but here it is already necessary to consider weather conditions and the nature of the stream.

Before decorative pond stream water in it live, moving has bigger advantage. By means of stream it is possible to increase visually the site, to create falls, to connect several twigs if those are available. The natural bias on the garden site much more facilitates problem of creation of stream, but also on absolutely plain surface by means of modern technologies really to create the movement of water, it is worth making small embankment of soil only.

Forming of rock garden, construction of the small bridge, laying of stony bottom – and already the stream in romantic style is ready.

The stream made in modernist style will be more expensive, in particular, if the customer is attracted by registration of garden with metal and glass. When projecting the course, it is necessary to consider that special materials which are intended for keeping fit of stream will be necessary. Well the film will approach for this role, and in stony places it is better to lay bed felt or geotextiles. As stream long, pieces of film it is necessary to stick together special adhesive substances. If there is no desire to work with film, it is possible to use the ready forms which are on sale in specialized shops. Also small crushed stone and lean concrete can be necessary for forming of the course. If desired to create falls, flat stones will be necessary, and boulders and pebble will serve as good element of decor of the stream. The most important element of artificial stream is pump, both height of water surface, and speed of its movement depends on it. When calculating pump output both the stream width, and height of water concerning pond from which it is extorted is considered. The choice of hose is very important. It is better to take spiral and strong, with a diameter from 3/4 to 11/2 inch. Such hose will not be bent and will not contract when burying to the earth. It connects to other hoses by means of simple connections and for durability is fixed by collets from corrosion-proof iron. When projecting length and width of stream, it is necessary to consider the site sizes. After definition of the beginning and the end, the trench becomes. It can have small differences thanks to which murmur of water will be louder. The quite good effect will be brought by small boggy sites which are created by deepening and expansion of the course. When the course is already created, nearby it is necessary to create the second trench where hoses through which there will be water circulation will be located. This trench has to be the shortest that water from pond to source passed quickly and without big expenses. Around the course it is possible to plant the plants which are well getting on in humid climate. The bottom is filled up with small pebble. If to put big boulders in water, then whirlpools will be formed that will give to stream special beauty.

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