How to create beautiful bed

How to create beautiful bed

Flowers accompanied people since the most ancient times, decorating their life and giving positive emotions. Today happy owners of garden and seasonal dachas can quite use own piece of the earth to create beautiful flower beds. Flower registration is one of the most difficult and labor-consuming types of gardening. Therefore to create the bed having high decorative effect during the whole season a lot of time, patience and forces is required.


1. Keep in mind, bed is called the flower bed of the correct geometrical form: round, square, oval, triangular, etc. Usually in this type of flower beds annual and biannual plants land. Also the mixed furniture of beds practices (spring, summer, autumn). It becomes for obtaining longer decorative effect.

2. Comprehensively evaluate the territory allocated under flower bed. The most important factor which influences the choice of the range of plants, - site illumination conditions. It is also important to pick up types and grades of flowers so that to provide the continuity of blossoming throughout all season. Besides, consider features of landscape. The geometry of bed has to fit into the general design of the territory and style of the house. Also look at the place chosen for flower bed from perception position from different points of the site. Remember that at creation of composition the most beautifully blossoming plants it is worth having at distance of 50 cm and further.

3. Pave the way. From the place where the flower bed is planned, remove all weeds together with roots. If the earth heavy, clay mix it with sand, and in easy add stone powder (betonit) or clay. Then enrich it with nutrients. For this purpose manure, mineral fertilizers and compost will approach. Bring them in the soil, well mix, spill warm water. Further loosen the earth with shovel or pitchfork. It is also possible to protect bed with mini-fence, small green hedge or border.

4. Pick up flowers for your bed. That it remained magnificent and bright all season, choose plants with various time and duration of blossoming. Surely consider height of flower cultures. Group undersized and high plants so that small have appeared in the foreground, and more extended - on back, also them it is necessary to have along walls and fences. Do not try to land as much as possible views of one flower bed. Take into consideration that the adjoining flowers and plants have to have similar requirements to the habitat. Also take care of that your creation looked not only bright, but also harmonious. For this purpose choose coloring which are combined with each other. Color influences emotions and mentality of the person. And if flower plants are picked incorrectly up for coloring, then the bed will render irritant action.

5. Determine landing density. Most beds with push fit, but it, of course, matter of taste show to advantage. Remember that between plants and flowers there has to be sufficient interval, it is necessary for their normal development and growth. Often it is difficult for beginners to calculate amount of flower cultures which is necessary for flower bed. Density of landing of large and tall plants is from 1 to 3 copies on 1 square meter. Compact and srednerosly - 5-7 units on 1 sq.m, and undersized - 7-11 pieces on 1 sq.m.

6. Look after plants on your flower bed. In due time cut off the dried-up leaves and inflorescences and also delete weeds. As required water the soil. Irrigate upper part of bed by means of the spray. Once a month feed up flower plants mineral fertilizers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team