How to create carpet flower bed

How to create carpet flower bed

It is difficult to imagine something brighter and original on personal plot, than skillfully executed carpet flower bed. Creation of bed demands from the creator not only faultless sense of style and taste, but also availability of skills and knowledge.

It is required to you

  • - tapes of corrugated plastic;
  • - seeds of plants;
  • - shovel and rake.


1. For creation of carpet flower bed it is recommended to use carpet and pochvopokrovny plants. Creeping semi-bushes and bushes and also grassy ornamental plants belong to the last type. Carpet – slaborosly grassy plants which perfectly transfer hairstyle and have beautifully painted foliage (the geranium, koleus, stachys, threshed, mezembriantemum, antennariya, stellyariya, santolina and others).

2. Arrange carpet flower bed in ceremonial zone, it will attract all eyes the brightness and splendor. In creation of such bed there is no limit to your imaginations. You can choose the patrimonial coat of arms or the initials. If desired use arabesques – figured small beds. Various ornaments enter composition, the fountain or small sculpture can become the center of smart flower bed.

3. It should be noted that it is very difficult to create carpet flower bed to the nonprofessional. But if you have decided suit such beauty on the site, for a start take simpler drawing or pattern. You should not forget about so-called limiters as the flower bed assumes very accurate drawing, and flowers should not creep away in different directions.

4. To hold plants together, use strips of plastic or metal which should be driven previously in the earth between different types of plants. But nevertheless it is better to buy special green tapes of the corrugated plastic produced especially for this purpose. Over the surface of the soil there has to be edge couple centimeters high. Flowers put densely, at distance about ten centimeters. Also you have to know well characteristics of plants – their height, the need for light and water, time of blossoming and term of life.

5. Use the following materials in creation of carpet flower bed: the pebble, marble crumb, sand and crushed stone various on coloring and the size. Perfectly the sawdust which is previously painted in different colors will approach. Care for flower bed includes waterings and fertilizing and also nipping for decrease in growth and strengthening of branching of plants.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team