How to create comfort zone in the apartment

How to create comfort zone in the apartment

Many researches show that unsuccessful planning, interior and even disorder can increase stress level. As to make the apartment cozy and disposing to rest?

Unfortunately, in multifamily houses of silence to achieve extremely difficult. Through thin walls it is heard as neighbors rustle and neighbors hear everything that occurs in your apartment. There is feeling of vulnerability. Of course, it is possible to carry out complex of works and to get rid of noise by means of modern materials, but it demands decent monetary expenses. And very few people know that, it is possible to reduce noise level by means of improvised home decoration. The carpet on wall or on floor will lower passability of sound. Dense curtains will muffle noise from the street. And the furniture wall located along the wall, common with neighbors, will save from loud sounds from their party. Stretch ceilings will also reduce passability of noise. Close sockets, they very well transmit sounds.

Weak lighting badly affects psychological state. There is irritability, drowsiness, the fatigue increases. If at you it is dark in the apartment, buy several additional lamps, floor lamps or sconce with the soft, muffled light. Also glossy furniture will help to create illusion of illumination. Release windowsills, hang up mirror opposite to window.

Each person needs personal space from 3 to 5 meters. Studio apartments have now become fashionable, they create illusion of space, but the lack of partitions deprives of personal zone at all. Especially, if the big family lives in such apartment. Of course, in the small apartment where each meter on the account, it is inexpedient to put up walls. And here it is quite possible to zone space by means of cabinets, shelves, screens, curtains and flower compositions.

If every day you see in window wall of the neighboring building, the road, the plant or building, then stress and uneasiness to you are provided. In that case, try to use natural, natural materials, fresh flowers, plants, the stabilized moss in interior decor.

The things and objects scattered on the apartment are capable to become the reason of chronic fatigue. Get rid from unnecessary things, organize the systems of storage. It is the best of all to begin cleaning with the most difficult. If there is order outside, will be and inside.

Modern multifamily houses are densely populated, but neighbors, as a rule, do not know each other. There is feeling of loneliness. The nobility who behind the wall it is useful not only for feeling of tranquility, but also in case of unforeseen situations. Get acquainted with the closest neighbors or get the general chat.

The motley interior can become stress source too. But also monochrome interiors – not the most successful decision. For feeling of internal harmony it is the best of all if different colors catch sight. And for the general registration use neutral colors: brown, gray or beige.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team