How to create cosiness

How to create cosiness

The cosiness in the apartment depends on many factors: plannings, arrangements and like furniture, finishing, lighting, decor. Respectively, if indoors there is certain disharmony, then it is possible to correct it by means of change of surrounding space.

1. Begin with draperies and curtains. Nothing gives to the room more comfort, than textiles. Curtains can soften shortcomings of apertures of doors, windows, visually extending or expanding them. For example, it is possible to give to window big width, having hanged out curtains on its edges, having taken also part of walls from edges. To narrow too big window opening, hang up curtains, long to floor, attaching eaves to ceiling.

2. Color and the drawing of curtains has to be in harmony with finishing of the room and harmoniously supplement it. For example, if walls with the large drawing, then curtains have to be without the drawing in tone to wall-paper. It becomes to muffle activity of the large drawing, thereby counterbalancing space.

3. If the cosiness for you is severity and clearness of lines, then the direct narrow drapery will help you to emphasize it. If you have more to liking ease and lightness, then use soft drapery or magnificent frills from fine transparent fabric (kapron, organza). Brilliant fabrics give to draperies too elegant look therefore in the bedroom it is better not to use them

4. Carpets, soft floor coverings also give to the room cozy look. The Soviet dark carpets were thing of the past long ago. Now people prefer light, pastel tone. It is justified also by the fact that the light carpet creates feeling of unique comfort. Now there are a lot of modern ways of care for carpets therefore be not afraid to use in the interior light tone.

5. Avoid in one room of use of several small rugs. It creates diversity and disharmony because the space breaks, there is no whole. If the carpet occupies all floorage, then in finishing of walls one of basic colors on carpet has to be used, but is several tones lighter.

6. Pictures, reproductions, posters will also help you to counterbalance apartment space. It is necessary to hang up good picture in the most lit place of the room, but to arrange separate lighting for pictures or posters even better. It will in addition create the atmosphere of seclusion, intimacy of the room. That pictures did not create chaos, they should not contrast strongly with surrounding situation. It concerns not only coloring, but also forms, the size, placement of pictures. Big pictures hang up slightly higher than the level of eyes with small inclination down.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team