How to create cosiness in the bedroom

How to create cosiness in the bedroom

The bedroom – the most intimate place in the house therefore it has to be very cozy that here it was possible to relax. In this room everything has to dispose to rest and dream. Selecting furniture, textiles and bedroom accessories, pay attention that all of them have to be stood in one style.


1. The central subject of interior of the bedroom is the bed therefore it has to be qualitative and convenient. Add it with beautiful bed linen, cover and pillows. Combine different coloring, materials and invoices.

2. One of the most effective ways of decor of interior in the bedroom is the bed headboard. For example, the monophonic wall can be decorated with special stickers for interior or self-adhesive film. Pick up bed linen and throw pillows so that they had something in common with ornament on headboard.

3. In the bedroom the place where you could sit, indulge in the thoughts is just necessary, esteem or speak by phone. Put compact, but easy chair of rounded shapes and small coffee table. These pieces of furniture will take very few place, and you will have cozy corner.

4. The feeling of cosiness and security give shades of orange and beige colors. If you want to restore the cordial and gentle relations with your soulmate, then choose for the bedroom dark golden tone. However psychologists say what best of all is slept in the blue room as this color calms and lulls.

5. Important role for creation of the cozy atmosphere is played by lighting of the room. It has to be soft. To achieve such effect, use various lamp shades, plafonds from opal glass or caps. If you like to read before going to bed, put floor lamp, desk lamp near bed or use sconce or dot lamps which are built in bed headboard.

6. In the bedroom, candles will help to create very cozy atmosphere, live fire is most ancient decoration of housing of the person, besides naked flame pacifies and calms, adjusts on romantic harmony.

7. Add interior of your bedroom with nice trifles. Hang up photos of people dear to you in beautiful framework, favourite pictures. Put vase with the flowers on dressing table or dresser.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team