How to create cosiness in the house

How to create cosiness in the house

It is simple to create cosiness in the house only at first sight. Sometimes the things and home decoration looking cozy and beautiful in shop in house situation look alienly and roughly. And, apparently, ordinary-looking and unsightly interior accessories work real miracles! In what secret?

It is required to you

  • Soft fabrics, impressive accessories, wooden home decoration, sofa and floor poshchushka, tapestries, curtains, curtains or lambrequins.


1. Secret of creation of cosiness in the house – harmonious combination of the invoice, forms and color. The invoice of elements of interior is one of key factors of creation of cozy situation. Such materials as belong to the invoices allowing to underline cosiness in the house: tree (with the opaque or raw surface) and fabric (flax, velvet, velor, wool, sateen, etc.). The wooden furniture and elements of finishing (beams, rail-posts, tables, chairs, handrail, supports) allow to emphasize naturalness and naturalness of interior. Wooden parts of situation are perfectly combined with soft, rough and natural woven invoices: carpets, tapestries, heavy curtains and curtains, covers on furniture and pillows, woven pictures.

2. Important role in creation of cosiness in the house is played also by forms. Streamline smooth lines of furniture or elements of interior create the atmosphere of slackness and rest. The room with pronounced accurate corners, rigid contours and straight lines can be corrected round cushions, floor pillows tablets, wall appliques and embroideries of rounded shape. Will decorate the room and will add cosiness round padded stool or table with round table-top.

3. The dominating color gamma of interior is also considered important factor, for creation of cosiness in the house. And though there is opinion that the cold color gamma is not capable to create the cozy atmosphere in the house – it is not absolutely right. It is possible to emphasize with color cosiness, but not to create it. Quite comfortably also the room in cold blue tones can look if in it impressive elements of interior are competently grouped and forms of furniture and accessories are picked successfully up.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team