How to create cosiness in the small apartment

How to create cosiness in the small apartment

That the small apartment became cozy nest, the first that should be made - competently to organize space.

In these apartments each meter on the account. And not only ployoshchada meter, but also cubic meter of vozyodukh.

We clear away space

At first we direct invenyotarization of everyone and everything. Sociologists have considered that in the apartment kazhdoyogo there is many person (at least 10% of total) of things which are not necessary to him and which he any more will never use.

Carry out total audit. Of course, it is a pity to throw out stuff - though unnecessary, but it seems and new, maybe, also it is useful for what... Do not live past. You do not saw sawdust. You look forward. Safely leave stayory things. Have made? Consider that the area of your apartment has increased.

Let's organize berth

Here, as they say, on taste and color. But, as a rule, preference is given to sofa beds. Not only that compact, but still it is desirable with the lower drawers for linen and armrests which represent small chests / dressers. Sofa beds with similar functionality there is set now.                                                            

If you want to keep even more space in the nest, then it is possible to use vanguard option to get transforming bed. It only for the period of dream serves as bed, and then rises and turns into cabinet wall. The similar option optimum podoyyodt for adults. For the child it is necessary to have statsioyonarny bed. And it is better to arrange it behind dekorayotivny screen.

The cabinet should be respected

In the small apartment not to do without it in any way. And it has to be not just the cabinet, and cabinet champion. Not by the sizes - on functionality. If the square allows, it is better such to arrange in the hall. Optimum, that depth of cabinet was not less than 60 cm (width of coat hanger with clothes).

The cabinet has to consist of several sections of the different things intended for storage: clothes, footwear, skates, tools... The more you put functionality in cabinet (for each type of things you will enter strict standard sizes), the less you ostayovit to it chances to be littered in the future. That is if you zaplayonirut compartment under five autumn jackets, then once having bought sheyosty, and nadoyevyoshy it is necessary to leave the oldest. Will not you zapikhiyovat old jacket on regiment to skates? The same with sviyoter, footwear, etc.

Podium and rack

And if the cabinet champion in corridor does not rise? Then exit one - to establish it in the room. In the same place it is possible to place the facilitated combined closed cabinet rack for the most necessary with sliding doors.

And it is even better to make doors mirror, it not only will visually expand space, but also will allow you to evaluate the dress from legs to the head.

For storage of other things (seasonal or that which you seldom use) it will be possible to use organized space under self-made podiums. That is in podium it is possible to ustroyoit the system of storage which on the vmeyostimost can even replace bulky cabinet.

SozYodanie of artificial poyodium in kvartiyora is welcomed by many designers. With their help it is possible to zone easily prostranyostvo, for example, of the same small apartments-stuyody. But at construction of podium it is necessary to consider room height. And not to arrange podium if it less than 2.6 meters. With such height of potolyok you receive ograniyochenny space of poyomeshcheniye.

We draw and place furniture

We draw the small favourite apartment on the sheet of paper in section (or on the computer monitor) in the scale which is most convenient to you for work. Further in the drawn room we begin to place also in scale the furniture. We try to dream and create optimal variant. It worked? Great. Means, in a new way everything should be rearranged. It has not turned out? Means, it is necessary to get rid of part of furniture. Or completely to change furniture.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team