How to create country style in the city apartment

How to create country style in the city apartment

The style of country was born in Great Britain in the twenties of the last century and has gradually won popularity around the world. Its distinctive motives are environmental friendliness, simplicity and brightness. Most often the design in style of country meets in country house. But also in the city apartment it is possible to create cozy, simple and warm "rural" interior.


1. Use natural construction materials for finishing of the apartment. The country is natural, eco-friendly design. The tree, decorative stone, blacksmith's work, plaster and paper wall covering will approach as well as possible. If there is no opportunity to use only natural materials, choose various imitations.

2. Buy simple and strong furniture, with unpolished surface and rough forms. The old grandmother's dresser or favourite chair of the uncle can be very useful. In kitchen, wooden benches and old wooden buffets will remarkably look. But you watch that in the apartment there was as much as possible free space. Do not overload the house with furniture.

3. Be not afraid to use textiles. The more it will be in the apartment, the better. Bright pillows, the embroidered cloths, curtains with ruches, self-made rag dolls and small rugs from rags will help to create lovely and sentimental rural image in the city apartment.

4. Model lighting correctly. Bright light will be inappropriate. And here the scattered, soft lighting going from several lamps and sconce will give to the atmosphere of the apartment romanticism and warmth.

5. Choose color gamma of natural and rich tones. The polychromy is welcomed, but it has to be not provocatively bright, and slightly muffled. Make walls and floor light, pastel shades. And curtains, upholstery of furniture and accessories can be more saturated colors. But they have to be combined with the main color gamma ideally.

6. Create several accessories the hands. What more in the apartment will be prophetic "hand-meyd", that it will become cozier and warmer. Make lovely panels, baskets, the embroidered pictures, cachepot and bright photoframework together with children. The parts created with own hand as well as possible characterize style of country.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team