How to create cozy interior of the children's room for girls

How to create cozy interior of the children's room for girls

If the girl has separate room, it is better to arrange it with special children's furniture. It is possible to choose models and options of color registration together with the child on the websites of the furniture companies.

It is required to you

  • - materials for finishing of walls;
  • - decorative elements of interior;
  • - children's room furniture on age of the child;
  • - curtains;
  • - lamps.


1. To be engaged in repair and registration of interior of the room for the daughter it is necessary to begin with the choice of color gamma. Kind of adults solid to Luda were negative to pink color, but it is necessary to remember that at its shades there are a lot of positive properties. Will well fit into interior of the room of the girl light pink tone, it is quiet warm shade which will make the room cozier. Pink it is harmoniously combined with white and pastel tones lilac, blue and lime.

2. Shades orange, beige and yellow will beautifully look in the nursery, they will make the bedroom lighter and comfortable. Too bright tones should be avoided, the abundance of motley flowers can result in the increased irritability.

3. One of walls can try to be painted in style of scenes from animated films or fairy tales. That the drawing has turned out equal and attractive, use the pictures or the bought cliches which are cut out from colourful magazines. If there are doubts in the abilities to drawing, use special wall-paper with pictures or stickers. The image should not take too much place, otherwise it will draw attention to itself and to distract from other decorative parts.

4. If the size of the room allows and the girl very much had liked such idea, it is possible to put bed carriage, as at princesses. Beds with canopies from light fabric will look also beautifully, then it is desirable to choose curtains from similar cloth. Are surely necessary day (tulle) and night curtains that to the child light did not prevent to have a rest.

5. Take care of the corresponding lighting for game and training. Do not take big chandelier if ceilings low, in this case approach wall lamps more. Surely get desk and convenient lamp to it.

6. Do not forget about pictures and mirrors, the nursery for the girl has to bring up future lady in the baby. Pictures have to be in laconic framework, it is desirable that they have been executed in uniform style with mirror frame.

7. If the daughter loves the nature, place houseplants and flowers on windowsill. They will bring freshness to the bedroom and will make it cozier. You can zone the room on the bedroom, game and educational. It is possible to make it by means of accurate partitions, podium and arches. In each zone there can be the design, but do not go too far in imagination, too contrast registration can spoil impression.

8. It will be original to look the bedroom for the girl in style of medieval fairy tales. In this case get wooden furniture and window with effect of aging, lamps have to be metal with covering under bronze. For curtains or lambrequins try to find heavy velvet fabric, the canopy for bed will be it also.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team