How to create crown

How to create crown

Without intervention of the gardener the krone of many fruit-trees gets shortcomings: golenastost of branches, the breaking forks, thickening, excessive height. By means of the correct cutting it is possible to achieve krone, low, convenient for leaving. Well created tree fructifies more regularly, than his started fellows. However the beginning gardener has to remember that forming and cutting of the fructifying trees are the process which is dragged out in time and it is necessary to begin him with annual sapling.

It is required to you

  • - secateurs;
  • - garden var.


1. Truncate the acquired sapling (pears, apple-trees, peach, drainings or cherries) so that its height was about 70 cm. Make secateurs cut as it is possible closer to kidney. It stimulates growth of the main skeletal branches. During the summer on trunk several enough powerful branches are formed. Extensions and struts achieve the maximum corner of otkhozhdeniye of branch from trunk. The more the value of corner, the is more branch durability.

2. As spring of the second year choose the strongest skeletal branches and truncate them half. - cut off less strong on two thirds. Make all cuts on the kidney oriented outside, so escape will grow in the necessary direction. Accurately cover large cuts with the thief. At the end of the second year on each skeletal branch are formed on couple of strong gains - it is branches of the second order.

3. In the spring of the third year truncate branches of the second order on half of annual gain. Cut off other weaker escapes in krone on 4 kidneys, for receiving the acquiring branches. All unnecessary, the curves intertwining and incorrectly growing gains, remove. Do not touch only one-year branches on the periphery. After such operations on branches mass laying of flower kidneys will begin, and the tree will be prepared for fructification.

4. The fourth year in forming of crown the most difficult since the gardener starts cutting of conductors – the main skeletal branches. It is not necessary to cut off these branches if: - strong branch; - the conductor grows from outer side of krone; - the branch is healthy and is not damaged; - on the conductor there are a lot of side branches. If the chosen branch does not approach under these four points, then cut off it approximately half or on two thirds. Truncate small internal branches on 4 kidneys.

5. By spring of the fifth year at tree the powerful developed krone has to be created. If growth of escapes remains strong, cutting can be stopped. At you the low-standard tree with the correct krone will turn out.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team