How to create design of the bathroom

How to create design of the bathroom

During repair of the bathroom usually pay attention to practicality and quality of the used materials – in the room with the increased humidity it is especially important. However you should not forget also about esthetic component. Selecting materials of different color and texture, identical on quality, you can create unique design.

1. If you love minimalism and appreciate free space, issue the bathroom in the Japanese style. Cover wall with textured plaster – choose that structure which helps to create granular surface. When plaster dries, paint it color of ivory. The same shade there has to be also ceiling. This color will become background for laconic color spots in the Japanese interior.

2. Lay large tile of opaque black color on the floor. Add it with plinth of the same shade.

3. Establish bathtub without legs, square, rectangular or round shape. Its external finishing can be made of any materials, only color is important – it has to be dark brown.

4. Soft soft light is characteristic of the Japanese style. You will be able to achieve this effect by means of the dot lamps with white light bulbs located on bathroom perimeter.

5. By means of decor give to interior completeness. On floor lay mat of natural straw color. Pick up banks for cosmetics in one style – the imitating stone and wooden surfaces, laconic accurate form. Hang up the towels painted in one, but rather saturated color – green, brick-red. Textiles with the drawn or embroidered hieroglyphs will be appropriate. Several bright spots can be added by means of small accessories – hangers for towels, mirror frame, etc. It is important not to overload minimalist situation.

6. It is possible to create more solar and motley design by means of the colors and textures characteristic of the Moroccan style. Process wall the same plaster creating uneven surface. Leave it white, as well as covering of the ceiling. Also plates from artificial stone will be suitable for finishing of walls. Pick up material with the porous, rough invoice and lay plates joint in joint – illusion of stone wall will so be created.

7. On white background lay out bright tile with the Moroccan pattern. You can revet the lower part of walls with large plates, and on border to lay out small mosaic. Choose material of bright blue color with impregnations orange, sand, coral in pattern.

8. Cover floor with sand-colored tile. It is possible to choose the drawing which is combined with the fact that on wall or to create monophonic covering to avoid excesses.

9. Other furniture in the bathroom has to be same. Bedside table under sink and regiments for various accessories have to be extremely simple, there is enough massivna, with type of the old, made manually thing. The dark tree furniture painted with mordant and partially decorated in the equipment craquelure will become ideal.

10. Support tile pattern on wall in the frame for mirror decorated with mosaic. For lighting buy shod lamp. Add interior with towels with patterns in which terracotta, coral, emerald, turquoise and sand colors are combined – so you will create the ethnic style which has incorporated elements from many cultures.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team