How to create dragon tree

How to create dragon tree

Dragon tree — tropical plant which quite often meets in city apartments. More precisely even this whole family of plants among which dwarfs and giants occur. The dragon trees bordered, fragrant, dragon, Sander are most popular. These plants are not really exacting to leaving. It is enough to provide them the suitable place, to regularly wipe leaves and to form krone.

  • - dragon tree;
  • - sharp knife or secateurs;
  • - cotton wool piece;
  • - it is a little alcohol;
  • - wood charcoal;
  • - sulfur;
  • - medicine epin;
  • - medicine kornevin;
  • - moss;
  • - plastic bag;
  • - elastic band;
  • - pegs;
  • - bank with water.

1. The beautiful krone at dragon tree turns out at stimulation of growth of side escapes. This plant, as well as most of others, seeks to grow up. If to give it such chance, there will be no force left on development of side kidneys in it. Therefore wait when the flower reaches the size necessary to you and remove the top shank.

2. It is better not to pinch off top of dragon tree, and to cut off. For maternal plant the result will be same, but when trimming you receive viable shank. Plan the point which is 5-6 cm below than top kidney.

3. As well as to any operation, it is necessary to be prepared for trimming of top. The knife or secateurs has to be clean, it is better even to wipe it with the cotton wool moistened with alcohol or cologne. Pound wood charcoal or pour out a little powder of sulfur. It is necessary for processing of "wound".

4. Cut off top shank in the planned point. To dragon tree, in principle, all the same, the cut or braid will be direct therefore do as it is more convenient to you. Powder the place of cut with wood charcoal or sulfur. Put the cut-off shank in bank with water, having added there slightly coal. In about three weeks the shank will give roots and it will be possible to put it to the earth.

5. New side escapes will appear in few weeks. Let's them grow up a little. When they reach the desirable size, do with them the same operation, as with top. Thus, it is possible to make krone of dragon tree very beautiful and dense. These shanks will give roots too, and plants from them turn out is not weaker at all, than from top.

6. If side escapes do not wish grow at once, they need to be stimulated in a different way. Spray kidneys epiny. If after that sprouts do not appear, arrange to plant small small greenery. Put on perimeter of pot of strut and pull on them polyethylene transparent film.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team