How to create florarium the hands

How to create florarium the hands

The florarium is mini-greenhouse, glass garden for houseplants. The first inventive British, at the beginning of the 19th century have begun to be engaged in this type of gardening. They have placed the tropical plant which is not adapted to frigid climate in the closed capacity. Today the florarium is fashionable decoration of interior of the apartment.

It is required to you

  • glass capacity, it is possible with cover (bank, vase);
  • soil, sand (depending on plants);
  • drainage on capacity bottom (pebble, haydite);
  • coal (wood, activated);
  • plants;
  • decor elements (stones, sinks, snags, branches, decorative lodges, figures of animals, etc.);
  • tools for landing (watering can, gloves, blade, tweezers).


1. As a rule, for florarium choose capacity from glass. It can be the most various. For example: aquarium, glass jar, bottle, vase, big glass glass, flask. Choose form and the size of capacity on your discretion.

2. If your choice has fallen on mini-garden with the closed cover, then do not forget it to air to get rid of condensate. The plants preferring humid climate should be planted in the closed and half-closed vessels.

3. If you have chosen capacity with open top, then observe temperature condition and do not allow drafts.

4. There is set of the plants intended for filling of mini-garden which can be got in flower shop. Their size does not exceed 20 cm. It is better to land slow-growing, dwarfish plant species.

5. The course to rabotyvymoyta also dry up capacity. Lay out drainage layer (3 cm) on bottom. Further mix the disinfected soil with coal and lay out mix on drainage (6 cm). It will prevent emergence of decay and mold.

6. After that dig out blade deepening in the soil and plant plant. Water vegetation. Water for watering has to be a little warm. Place decor elements in mini-greenhouse. Wipe glass with dry rag inside and outside.

7. The wonderful mini-garden is ready! It can be placed on windowsill, on table, on floor, to fix on wall, to build in room partition, to suspend to ceiling. Everything depends on your imagination!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team